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Useful Information

"Om Namo Bhagavathe Vasudevaya"

Do's & DONT's in Guruvayur Temple

Some of the customs to be followed as suggested by the Guruvayur Devasom Board..

01 - Only Hindus are allowed to enter the temple.

02 - The temple pond on the northern side is known as Rudratheertham. Devotees can purify themselves by taking bath here and can enter the temple preferably with wet clothes.

03 - Follow the temple rules and regulations, so that all can comfortably worship the Lord.

04 - Do not enter the temple wearing shirt, banyan, pyjama, lungi, chequered clothes, chapels etc. There are facilities to keep them outside the temple.

05 - Co-operate with the Temple officials, who are always ready to guide and help the devotees.

06 - Do not take video camera, mobile phone, radio, tape recorder etc. inside the temple wall.

07 - Do not take, camera inside the Nalambalam.

08 - Do not touch on the big altar stone (Balikkallu) by foot.

09 - Immediately after marriage , the couples should not enter the Nalambalam.

10 - Do not spit in the temple premises

11 - Do not retain babies and children for a long time within the Nalambalam.

12 - The receipt for the remittance for offerings (Vazhipadu) can be obtained from the booking counters on the ground floor of the oottupura. Be careful not to get deceived by fraud agents for such bookings.

13 - Receipts obtained for the feeding of the poor etc. should be put inside the box for the purpose in front of the booking counter.
14 - Such items as miniature human figures, replicas of hands, legs, eyes, abnormal body eruptions etc. made of gold and silver can be obtained from the temple official, who are available near the Kodimaram (Flag-staff). Keep these on the platform of the Kodimaram and offer prayers. Put the amount you wish to offer in the Bandaram (Hundi). Do not buy these items from outside, which are fakes.

15 - Udayasthamana Pooja, Vilakku, Bhagavathy Chuttuvilakku, Namaskaram, Krishnanattam and offerings of the like , have to be booked in advance.
16 - Ornaments and such other costly offerings can be put in the Bhandaram.

17 - Enter the temple with an absolute sense of devotion.

18 - Take special care of your valuables.

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